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About us

TechEdge is a Kenyan registered company that provides world class solutions in Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS), Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECMS), Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions.

Functional systems

Systems should address an organization’s needs. They should adapt to the organization, and not the other way around. They should also be highly adaptable and therefore future-proof. This point is key on our minds as we implement solutions for clients.

The Right People

People are key for successful deployment of any Business System. We leverage the best minds in the industry and create meaningful partnerships to guarantee excellent service delivery.


We build efficient business systems that have short lead-times and high throughput by squeezing delay, bottlenecks and “speed bumps” out of the implementation process.Agility is a central part of our ethos as a company.

Customer Support

We don’t do business; we build relationships. Outstanding Customer Support is therefore at the heart of everything we do. We aim to meet and surpass customer expectations. We rely heavily on their feedback for innovation and growth.

Our Approach


At TechEdge Limited, our drive is to make IT work for you, the way you would like it to. We research the best approach for each project we handle, then tailtor a solution best suited to the project’s needs and budget. We only handle cases where we can meet or surpass the client’s expectations.


Our project implementation approach is very thorough and is geared towards providing EDMS, ECMS and BI solutions that function as planned, are easy to use,  and are tailored to your company’s specific needs, all within budget and time constraints.


Our ultimate goal is to make business processes simpler, more efficient, and cost effective, allowing you to focus on your core competencies. We work with you to gain the insights lying in your data, even as we take your physical environment paperless.


With a highly experienced team of business process experts, software developers and technical support team, we can handle both large and small DMS, ECMS, BI and Data Analytics projects. We work with you to streamline your business processes.


We have deployed systems for various Companies in Kenya including but not limited to Finance and Micro-Finance Institutions, Insurance Companies, Non Governmental Organizations and Manufacturers and a number of Companies in the Service Industry. Our clients benefit from our through understanding of the compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements in Kenya which assist in implementing business systems that are timely, relevant and usable Business systems.

  • Planning 80% 80%
  • System analysis and requirements 97% 97%
  • System Design 99% 99%
  • Development 90% 90%
  • Integration and Testing 90% 90%
  • Implementation 95% 95%
  • Operations and maintenance 89% 89%

Some of Our Clients