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And now to how it works…

When a document needs to be approved with a signature, usually the signatory signs it manually using a ‘wet ink signature’ (pen on paper). This approach works well under normal circumstances when it is easy to go to the office to get things done. However, normal circumstances are no longer guaranteed, with pandemics, election chaos and other disruptions constantly threatening to bring normal life to a standstill. And even under normal circumstances, the global nature of work means that you might be far from the office every so often. Today, signatories need to have the flexibility to sign documents at any time, from anywhere, without the need to physically visit the office.

To achieve this, there is need for a mechanism by which signatories can sign on soft copy documents electronically. These electronic signatures (e-Signatures) should be backed by digital certificates issued by a source that is universally trusted in the area under jurisdiction, including internationally

Our e-Signature solutions are designed to offer you exactly this kind of mechanism, allowing you to place electronic signatures on documents. The authenticity of the signatures we issue can be authenticated by a global certification authority for ultimate trust levels, backed by world-class security

With our digital and electronics signature solutions, it is possible to streamline your approval processes by empowering your team to conduct approvals from anywhere, even in the midst of a disruption

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You should consider Digital and Electronic Signatures    (e-Signatures) if;

  • It is difficult or unadvisable for your team members to get to the office on a regular basis (for example when working in shifts)
  • The signatories at your organization are constantly on the move, meaning their physical availability at the office to sign hard copy documents is limited.
  • Your recipients need to verify the authenticity of the digital and electronic signatures on the documents you have sent to them.
  • You spend a fortune on courier services and time as documents are physically sent from one party to another for physical signing.
  • The turnaround times of your business processes is suffering because of the time it takes to have documents physically signed.
  • Your organization is printing documents for hard copy signing, only for the same to be scanned and emailed to relevant recipients.

Regardless of the size of your business, industry or transaction volumes, if you experience any of these challenges, now is the right time to take up our digital and electronic signature solutions.


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