Techedge Africa

TechEdge is a Kenyan-registered company that provides world class solutions in Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS), Hardcopy Digitization, and Data Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI).

Who we are

The rapidly changing operating environment in the 21st Century demands that organizations be efficient in their operations, objective in their decision-making, and more adaptable to change. Many organizations struggle with these demands. In 2008, Techedge Africa was established to help organizations improve their operational efficiency, refine their decision-making, and make rapid change an ally rather than a foe. In essence, we were born to help organizations realize new possibilities. We specialize in Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS), Hardcopy Digitization, and Data Analytics & Business Intelligence solutions.

Techedge Africa Values



We believe and embody the ideal that one ought to ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. We therefore strive to offer our solutions to you as we would want to have them offered to us.



As much as possible, we seek to do what we ought, as we ought, when we ought to, consistently. We strive to stay diligent and faithful to what has been entrusted to us.


This is the key to continuous improvement; to realize new possibilities, we must, individually and collectively, constantly learn new things and new ways of doing those things. We must see the opportunity in the challenge more than we see the challenge in the opportunity.


The whole, when united, is always greater than the sum of its parts.

Techedge Africa Ingredients

Functional & Adaptable systems

Our systems address and adapt to your organization’s needs, and not the other way around. We, Techedge Africa seek to provide highly adaptable and therefore future-proof solutions. This is key in our minds as we implement systems designed to evolve and grow with you.

Right people

Results are only as good as the people who execute. At Techedge, we leverage the best minds in the industry and create meaningful partnerships to guarantee excellent service delivery.

Customer Support

We don’t do business; we build relationships. Outstanding Customer Support is therefore at the heart of everything we do. We aim to meet and surpass your expectations while relying heavily on your feedback for innovation and growth.

Some of our Clients