How it works

Every organization has a history. For most, a lot of that history is on paper filed away in (hopefully) neat cabinets somewhere. Since an organization’s history tends to educate its future, it is important for staff members to be able to easily access the information in hardcopy records when looking to make sense of what happened in the past. This is not easy when one is working away from the office – from home or while on a business trip out of town. And even while at the office, physical files and documents can sometimes be notoriously difficult to trace.

But it is possible to overcome this challenge. At Techedge, we digitize hardcopy documents and upload them to a central location in electronic form to make it easy for staff members to access the information from wherever they are around the world. Ideally, this central location should be an Electronic Document Management System, with built in security, document lifecycle management and automated workflow triggers, among other features.

Inside the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), the digitized softcopy versions are linked up with other documents related to them. These other documents may be emails, Word documents, spreadsheets, powerpoints, ArchiCAD drawings, among other formats. In the end, a staff member can easily find all documents related to a specific transaction, a certain client, or a particular supplier within seconds, regardless of the format the original document was in.

Your team members can have all the information they need to efficiently function at the office, work from home, or operate from wherever else they may be. That is a possibility we would like to explore with you. Kindly get in touch with us.

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