The competitive nature of business in Businesses in Kenya, requires that Companies are able to operate swiftly and respond promptly to the ever changing customer demands providing services efficiently and quickly.
More than 80% of customers in Kenya, quote unnecessary delays in service delivery as their major pain point when dealing many organizations. It takes forever to trace documents for required for reference and it’s never easy to tell what part of the business cycle the process has stalled.
Lack of a proper or outdated management and storage of company documents lead to customer and employee frustrations delaying service delivery and creating a poor brand image.
With scattered, hard copy documents and huge amounts of documents generated each day, every company regardless of size or industry must ensure it stays ahead of the times by implementing a reliable and easy to use Document Management System
A well designed Document Management System will solve majority of these problems and help increase employee productivity and enhance service delivery.
Save space and time
With the high office rental prices in Kenya, your space is your most valuable asset and should be put to better use that filling it with huge file cabinets creating a cluttered work environment. All your documents are easily available to you on your computer saving you loads of time while storing physical hard copy files remotely where they can be accessed when needed.
Easy file search
Don’t keep your customers and other stakeholders waiting anymore. A Document Management System offers robust file searching either using the name of the file, the name of the author, when it was added into the system or even content within each file, providing you with a quick content preview.
Unparalleled Security
Easily configure document permissions to safeguard company information by giving only relevant staff access to documents they need to perform their duties all the while tracking and logging all activities performed within the Document Management System. No more missing files, document leakage or unauthorized access.
Quick Document Tracing & Reference
Document Management Systems create linkages between scanned hard copy documents, emails and other soft copy documents such as Word or Excel documents, allowing you to refer to even physical hard copies should the need arise.
Manages workflow and enhances processes
Integrated workflow management, inbuilt with most DMS, provides notifications and escalations to relevant staff or departments when documents need their attention which makes managing your work processes, invoices, projects, recruitment exercise or other process is in the lifecycle a breeze.
Enhanced Teamwork & Collaboration
Multiple employees working on a single document have access to the most up-to-date document and are able to track changes made to the document easily without the need to print multiple versions it.
Faster Approvals & Signatures
Some Document Management Systems support Digital Signatures which allows for faster approvals which means that you can respond to

Are you looking to take your company’s document management to the next level?
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