Remote Working Solutions

It’s only a matter of time before some unforeseen event or circumstance causes a disruption to your normal business operations. Today it may be a disease outbreak, the next one might be a fire at the office, civil unrest, or any other number of events. To proceed with operations with minimal disruption, you need to have systems already in place that can help each of your team members to do the following from home, or from wherever else they may be around the world;

Remotely access all the information they need to work within seconds (whether the information is in the form of softcopy documents, digitized documents, or in the form of data lying in your organization’s software systems.

Be able to seamlessly carry out their tasks as part of a workflow that cuts across several team members or departments.

Remotely sign off on tasks and place signatures on documents that require their approval to ensure business continuity.

Be able to use alternative computers (or even their smartphones or tablets) to work in case their office computer is inaccessible.

Achieve the same or better level of information security when working remotely as when working at the office, for peace of mind.

Have one or more colleagues immediately take up some or all their tasks should they for some reason be unable to execute on them remotely.

Monitor performance in their area of operation, such as turnaround times and productivity and see how much operations have been affected by the disruption.

With all the above in place, it becomes possible to carry out core tasks, collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, and respond to clients and other stakeholders efficiently while working from home or wherever your team members may be around the world.

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