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Want a Document Management System in Kenya

If you’re looking for the best
Document & Content Management System
in Kenya, we are the perfect technology partner
to implement and customize
a solution for your company

Welcome to TechEdge Kenya

Providing world class solutions in
Electronic Document Management Systems
Enterprise Content Management Systems
Business Intelligence
and Data Analytics Solutions.

Making IT Work for You

We research the best approach
for Document Management project,
then custom-make a solution
best suited to your needs and budget
only handling cases where we can
meet or surpass your expectations.

Solutions for Kenya

Our clients benefit from our thorough
understanding of the compliance
with the relevant regulatory requirements
in Kenya which assist in implementing
business systems that are timely,
relevant and usable.

What we do; Document Management, Content Management & Business Intelligence 

Capture and access your information and documents with our world class document management system. Automate approval processes and streamline document workflows. Our project implementation approach is very thorough and is geared towards providing Business System Solutions that function as planned, easy to use, tailored to your company’s specific needs while meeting budget and time constraints.

Document Management Systems (DMS)

Document capture, indexing, storage, search and retrieval. Save space & time
, Digital Archiving & Management as well as quick disaster recovery.

Enterprise Content Management Systems

Seamless Content Integration, Information Security, Collaboration, Powerful Search Tools, Customize Workflows & Automated business workflows

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Monitor Profit and Loss Position, Profitability Analysis, Workforce Productivity, Measure Asset Productivity, Measure Sales & Marketing Effectiveness

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Any business process, approval, or integration you can dream up, we can implement.

Enhance your office infrastructure by capturing paper, e-mails, and other files to a central repository, automate your approval processes and streamline document workflow and access your information the moment you need it, and manage it at your convenience.

Document Management System Feature List

Regardless of the size of your business, industry or transaction volumes, if you are feeling overwhelmed by lots of documents and emails, now is the right time to implement a document management system.

Save space & time

Get rid of your dependency on paper documents

Save on printing costs with digital signatures

you no longer have to print out documents for signing whenever approvals are needed

Access related documents with one click

Integrate all your enterprise documents so you can easily refer to related documents

Get alerts on documents that need your attention

With workflows, it becomes easy to manage your work processes, invoices, projects, recruitment exercise or other process is in the lifecycle.

Access your documents from anywhere with any device

Work from anywhere around the world, whether on a smartphone, a tablet or a remote computer.

Secure your documents

Documents are only visible to those with the right permissions and all activities performed within the system are logged for added security.

Recover easily from any disaster

All your documents and content are backed up to a remote location and can be called up and restored

Increase collaboration & teamwork

Our Document Management System makes collaboration among staff members easy and fun.

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