Managing documents and processes becomes more challenging the more an organization grows. You only realize this when you start struggling to find simple information and keep track of processes. More often than not, these challenges can be solved by a well-designed and executed electronic document management system. You know you need one if…

Insurance is your sector

Underwriting documents, claims supporting documentation, tender documents and more. If you’re in insurance, then you are aware how tough it can be to properly file these documents¬† and easily retrieve them later. Also a challenge is keeping track of where each claim has reached in a process and looking after your new business and renewals pipeline. If you can relate to these challenges, then an electronic document management system (EDMS) is what you need. Reach out to us to discuss further.


You manufacture or trade things

When processing a requisition to procure, being able to keep track of all documentation involved – P.Os, proformas, DNs and more – from the beginning of the process to when the payment is made to the vendor received can be an nightmare, and the same goes for your receievables, unless you have the right systems in place. An EDMS is one such system, and it should integrate well with your ERP. Let’s talk about these possibilities and more. Reach out to us to start the conversation.


Your life is dedicated to improving other lives

Improving the lives of the less privileged in society requires discipline and focus, as any NGO knows. Not only do you need to understand the people and the context, but the systems to support the outcomes envisioned need to be robust, flexible and reliable, especially with so much work happening out in the field. The process and related documentation for M&E and reporting, among others, needs to be efficiently managed. An electronic document management system can help you achieve just that. Would you like to learn more? Kindly get in touch; we are eager to start the conversation.


You Restore People's Health

If you are in healthcare, then you know how frustrated patients get when they have to wait a long time to have their patient files retrieved from the filing room so that they can see the doctor. This is the last thing a sick person needs. If a hospital can reduce the amount of time it takes to serve a patient, it will already be on its way to make her feel better. Let’s discuss more about how you can improve the experience for your patients. Reach out to us today.


You are involved in other sectors of the economy

Truth be told, virtually every organization needs to manage its documents and processes. The above are just a few of the sectors that will find that an electronic document management system can greatly enhance their efficiency and productivity. Regardless of the sector you’re in, you too can benefit. Get in touch to discover how.